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One of the oldest cities in the U.S., the “City of Brotherly Love” is an historical city that has continued to prosper in modern times. From the cracked Liberty Bell sitting in Liberty Hall, to the grand City Hall, to the Betsy Ross house, there are lots of great reminders of Philadelphia’s prominent place in American history. After all, this is the city where the first American flag was stitched together and where our Founding Fathers drafted the constitution. Look at any tourism guide, and you’ll see not only historical gems, but also more contemporary reminders of the great city of Philadelphia has grown into today. The beautiful houses perched along Boathouse Row, the distinguished Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the rambling Fairmount Park are just a few reminders of how great this lively, modern city is.

Yes, Philadelphia is jam-packed with landmarks that any tourist would love, but if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live here, that’s a whole different story. We’ve compiled the nitty-gritty data you need to know before embarking on a move to the Philly area in our infographic below. Read on for just a few of our favorite highlights.


1. Walking Shoes Required

In addition to excellent public transportation that caters to suburban commuters, Philadelphia is also rampant with exceptionally walkable neighborhoods. What better way to see this historical city than by lacing up your sneakers and hitting the sidewalks in Avenue of the Arts South or Washington Square West?


2. Affordable East Coast Living

If you thought living on the East Coast and owning a home were incompatible dreams, then think again. Philadelphia offers to best of East Coast living with refreshing affordability. Yes, housing here still costs more than the national average, but with home prices and rental rates only around 30% higher than average, it’s much more affordable than loftier metros like Boston or NYC.


3. A Place to Live for the Summer

With its northern latitude, one would expect Philadelphia to get its fair share of wintery weather. While the average temps in the winter hover in the mid-20s, Philadelphia only gets 15 inches of snowfall a year (10 inches less than the rest of the country). If you can survive a few cold months, the rest of the year in Philadelphia is worth it, especially the dreamy months of summer when the sun shines and everything is lush and green.

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While this just covers a few highlights of living in Philly, there’s lots more to love about this town. If you’re ready to make this city home, like the other 1.5 million people who live here, be sure to let us know! At Great Guys Moving, we make your move cheaper and easier by helping you find professionals to do all the heavy lifting at discounted rates.