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4 Long Distance Moving Options

It is finally time.  Your house is sold, you have put in an offer on the (potential) new home and, of course, you have packed a majority of your home into boxes.  But what do you do and where do you go from here?  Have you even thought about how you are going to move your belongings across state lines?  No?  Don’t worry.  There are many options for you and your family when planning an interstate move.

Option 1: Full Service Moving Companies

Your first option for this interstate move is to select a professional long distance moving company.  These professionals offer services such as completely packing your home, driving your belongings to your new home (as well as being liable for any damage during the course of your move) as well as unpacking the truck and moving them into your new home.  This does come with a cost, however.  The average rates for a full-service professional mover for a 3-bedroom household moving from Chicago, Illinois to St. Louis, Missouri, can cost anywhere from $5,316 – $7,192. (For the sake of keeping the following panned-out options all the same, we will use one move constantly: from Chicago, Illinois to St. Louis, Missouri.)

Option 2: Moving PODS

Another option you have for moving you and your family across state lines is to rent a POD.  A POD would be your best bet if you were to need to store any of your belongings for a short period of time once you got to your new home.  Basically, a POD is delivered to your current house where you will then pack it up yourself.  A professional from PODS will then pick up your POD, keep it at the facility until your move date and deliver it to your new home the day you plan on arriving.  You can then unpack your POD, call your professional back, and they will come take it off of your hands.  The POD needed for a 3-bedroom household for the move from Chicago to St. Louis would be the 16-foot trailer.  This would cost about $1,879.

Option 3: Loading/Unloading Labor + Rental Truck

Say you are a DIY (do it yourself) type of person who just needs a little assistance with the manual labor of loading and unloading your boxes.  There are people to help you do that!  Websites exist where you can plug in your current and final destinations and the loading professionals in your area will then be listed.  For loaders in Chicago, many have decent rates such as $25 per hour, per loader, with a minimum of three hours. You can hire professional loaders in both of your towns, rent a van and move yourself!  The average U-Haul moving van for a move from Chicago to St. Louis costs between $307 and $417 to rent, depending on the size of van you need.  With a daily fee of $19.95 as well as an 89-cent charge per mile, you would be looking anywhere from $685 to $795 for the expenses listed above.

Option 4: Complete DIY Move

Maybe you just do not seem to have the time to call, schedule and meet with professionals that will give you an estimate on moving your belongings.  Maybe you do not have the money to use professionals to pack and move you, either.   No matter your situation, there is still a way to get this move done!  Try a complete DIY move with your family and closest neighbors and friends.  Order some pizzas and bring out the last of your hidden beer/wine stock, for you and your friends can pack it all yourselves!

 Additional Savings

With any moving option you choose, remember to save as much money as possible on things that typically add up.  For instance, before throwing everything away from that one junk drawer (yes, we all have one,) check for some tape and colored markers.  Find empty boxes behind local liquor stores or ask for donations from store managers and friends.  A typical sized moving box from The Home Depot costs about $1.20 per box.  Yes, that does not seem like much, but you need much more than one box.  To be frank, the average family uses about 45 medium boxes, 31 large boxes, 13 extra-large boxes, 9 picture boxes, 4 wardrobe boxes, 14-pounds of packing paper, 90-feet of bubble wrap, 360-feet of stretch wrap, 3 rolls of tape, 2 tape dispensers and 2 sets of colored markers, costing over $500 on moving supplies alone.  Why wouldn’t you want to cut that cost as much as possible?