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When you picture L.A. you likely think of landmarks like the Beverly Hills Hotel, Dodger Stadium, the star-studded Hollywood Walk of Fame, and of course, the famed Hollywood sign. It’s a town that’s undoubtedly overshadowed by the glitz and glamour of the silver screen and the many celebrities who call Tinseltown home. But there’s more to this city than just blockbuster movies and celebrity gossip. Los Angeles is the 2nd largest U.S. after NYC, with 3.9 million people living in the city limits, and another almost 15 million living in the surrounding urban sprawl. It’s a place of big dream, big business, and big personality, and there’s good reason so many people are vying to live here.

If you’re considering joining the masses and moving the La La Land, here are a few things you should know first.


1. Pack Your Sunscreen!

Like the rest of Southern California, Los Angeles is known for its gorgeous weather. When the Northeast is buried in ten feet of snow, the residents of Los Angeles can be found basking in the almost perpetual sunshine, even during the winter months. In fact, it only rains an average of 24 days a year, which is well below the national average.


2. Prepare Yourself for Traffic

Los Angeles consistently ranks as one of the worst cities for traffic in the U.S., with commuters spending an average of 81 hours trapped behind the wheel each year. Unfortunately, because of its massive size, it’s not a very walkable city either, unless you can afford to live in one of the more desirable areas like MacArthur Park or Central Hollywood. If you want to leave the driving to someone else, the city does offer some public transportation via buses and a light-rail system.


3. West Coast Life is Expensive

While not as pricey as its northern neighbor, San Francisco, Los Angeles is still an expensive place to live. The average home price is just over $713,000, 115% higher than the national average and average monthly apartment rent is over $2500. Many basic groceries, like eggs, bread, and coffee and other living expenses, like your energy bill or a gallon of fuel, will cost you more here too. With a lower median household income and higher-than-average tax rates, it can be difficult stretching your paycheck in this city.

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Despite the traffic and high living costs, the City of Angels has great weather, an array of career opportunities, and loads of culture and diversity. For those willing to make a few sacrifices, it’s a happening and exciting place to call home. If you’re ready to make the move to L.A., be sure to check out rates from local moving companies. You can easy compare prices from some of the best-rated movers in the Los Angeles area via our online form above!