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Finding the right long distance moving company can be a hassle.  It is a lot more than comparing average moving prices.  Is the estimate a binding or non-binding estimate?  Will the movers help pack or simply move your belongings?  What do you do if you pack more or less items than you anticipated?  All of these are important questions to consider when receiving your moving quotes.

Moving specialists will throw a lot of mumbo-jumbo at you while trying to convince you to sign a moving contract with them.  What did they say, a binding what?  It is important know some contract lingo when talking with the professionals.

 Binding Moving Quotes

A binding contract is an estimate that offers you an exact cost for your move.  When working with a company that provides binding estimates, both parties (you and the company) will sign a written agreement with a guaranteed price for the move.  Unfortunately, this is not always beneficial for you.  If your contract says you are estimating to bring 50 boxes but you only pack 38, you will still be charged for the contracted price of 50 boxes.  If you pack more boxes, most likely the company will void your old contract and try to compromise on a new contract.

 Non-Binding Long Distance Moving Quotes

A non-binding estimate is an educated guess on how much your move should cost based on a count of your belongings.  It will be more accurate than the online moving calculators you come across, but not quite as specific as a binding quote would be. A representative from the moving company will likely survey your belongings in order to get a proper estimate.  You are not guaranteed this price, however.  Typically, families that go with a non-binding estimate from a moving company pay a little more money than they were estimated to pay.

 Comparing Multiple Moving Quotes

While getting quotes from different moving companies, it is important for you to be as accurate as possible when describing your move.  Are you bringing everything in the house?  Are you selling any of it?  There are different ways to receive your quote, some being more accurate than others.  If you are to simply talk over the phone with a moving representative, they are going to give you a very basic, very average quote.  Here, you will typically explain how many bedrooms you plan on packing as well as any other additional rooms (the shed, garage, attic, etc.) that you plan to move.  If you have the time, you can always complete walk-throughs of your home with moving representatives.  When they can physically see all that they are going to be moving, they can provide you with a much more realistic quote.

 4 Instant Moving Quotes In 60 Seconds

If nothing else, remember this: always get multiple quotes.  You may not have the time to complete four walk-throughs of your home with four different moving representatives, but you can easily compare four immediate quotes from professionally licensed and insured movers by filling out our easy moving quote form.  Happy moving!