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Start with a purge of all your old stuff

The Great Purge: Go through those closets and drawers where you’ve stashed stuff away for the last 10 years and start clearing them out. Consider what furniture you want to take with you. Sell what you can on Craigslist and donate the rest to your local Goodwill or other charity.

Search for free packing supplies

Get free packing supplies boxes from charitable friends who have recently moved or from your local Sam’s club or liquor store (heck, the liquor store could help your move with more than just free boxes). If you prefer to spend money, hardware stores often have a moving supplies section. Or, if you are have elected for a full service move, just wait for your friendly movers to show up. For the rest of the working class, start packing! Organize things according to the room they are destined for in your new home and make sure your boxes are clearly labeled with contents and the room. Make sure to wrap fragile items like grandma’s china and leg lamps in plenty of bubble wrap and paper. Pack boxes tightly to make sure items don’t shift as much during transport.

Schedule the installation of utilities 4-6 weeks in advance

Schedule the transition of your utilities, keeping in mind that you’ll need water and electricity until the day you actually move and that you’ll need to turn service on at your new home! Nothing’s worse than showing up at a new place and not being able to flush the toilets. Also consider things like insurance. If you’re moving across state lines, you’ll need new auto insurance and make sure you get things squared away with your renter’s or homeowner’s policies too.

Stay out of the way on moving day

On moving day, relax and let the long distance movers do the heavy lifting. These guys have years of experience, so you can rest assured that they will be able to move your valuables and big pieces with ease. Even better, almost every mover carries liability insurance to protect your belongings from accidental damage.

Get to the new home early

Generally, unless your household takes up an entire moving truck, interstate moving companies will fill their trucks with items from several clients. This is great because it means you aren’t paying for the entire truck by yourself! And it gives you time to get to your new place ahead of the moving truck since these movers will have multiple stops along the way. Though the previous owner or tenant should have cleaned, it’s always comforting to do a once over of your new place yourself (especially the kitchen and bathrooms) before the moving truck arrives.

Label furniture that requires assembly

When your things arrive, make sure to communicate with your movers which pieces of furniture need to be reassembled. Most will help you put pieces like your bed and shelving back together so you don’t have to wrestle with it by yourself. And these guys can move fast! Watching professional movers put together a bed in a lot of ways resembles a Nascar team during a pit stop. Exciting stuff.

Walk your new neighborhood

Unpack and organize your new home. Nest and make it yours. Take a walk through your new neighborhood to scope out the nearest grocery, pharmacy, and dry cleaners. Meet your neighbors. Try new restaurants and enjoy meeting new people. Relax, the move is over!