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Best Way to Move Furniture Long Distance

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Moving Tips

One of the biggest challenges in moving long distance can be safely packing your furniture and ensuring that it doesn’t get damaged during transport. The risk of damage increases with every mile driven, so this is particularly important when you’re moving from one state to another. Here are a few packing tips from the professionals to best preserve your items.

Buy Stretch Wrap

Large rolls of plastic wrap are amazing for protecting all types of furniture from scuffs and scratches. Here are some of the ways that plastic wrap makes moving easier:

• Use it to hold doors and drawers shut so that you can easily maneuver the furniture
• Secure cords to appliances so that you won’t trip over them
• When wrapping a fine piece of furniture, use stretch wrap over the protective padding to hold it firmly in place
• Use it to keep your items free of dust and dirt while on the road

Use stretch wrap to protect your furniture from damage during a move.

Use stretch wrap to protect your furniture from damage during a move.

Break Down What you Can

Disassemble furniture for easier loading and a safer trip. This includes recliners with removable backs, bed frames, dresser drawers, and certain types of shelving units. As you break items down, put hardware in a Ziploc bag that you can tape or otherwise attach to the furniture. Breaking the furniture into smaller pieces will make navigating through the house easier and help prevent damage.

Make Use of Cardboard

Start collecting cardboard boxes ahead of time. Use not only whole boxes for packing, but the corners of boxes as well. The edges of your furniture are at the most risk for damage, and you can set a cardboard corner of a box at an angle over the corners of your furniture, protecting it while in transit. Tape the corner in place, or go around it once with stretch wrap, to keep the cover in position.

Cardboard can be used in many ways during a move.

Cardboard can be used in many ways during a move.

Loading the Truck

When packing up a vehicle, it’s important to work from the front to back and bottom to top. Large pieces of furniture and appliances should go in first. Use moving pads between items to prevent them from rubbing against each other. Heavy boxes should then go either on the floor or on the furniture. Try to fit the items tightly together to minimize movement. As you work your way up, start filling in the smaller and lighter weight boxes. If you have concerns about items moving out of place, use a rope to secure them.

You can handle an out of state move on your own, you just need to be ready for the challenges ahead. Use these tips to protect your furniture and other fragile items along the way.

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